Rolf van Eijk is a writer, director, creative and producer of fiction films and commercial content based in Amsterdam. << now available >>

Anwb Still 01


My Foolish Heart Main Tile

My Foolish Heart

Bmw I3 2

BMW i3

Furhat Robotics Employee Training

Furhat Robotics

Douwe Egeberts 01

Douwe Egberts

Vitamin Plants

The Flower Council

Bmw Coupe

BMW Gran Coupé

Vast Still 02

Vast | Trailer

Startpage Snowden


T I M  Still 02


Van God Los

The Godless

Furhat Robotics Unbiased Recruiter

Furhat Robotics

Bmw Hybride

BMW Hybride

Furhat Robotics Concierge Robot

Furhat Robotics

Kngf 1

KNGF Guide Dogs

Code One Still 02

Code One | Trailer

The Eagle And The Rabbit 01

News The Eagle and the Rabbit

Furhat Robotics Launch Video 02

News Working with Furhat Robotics again!

Vast Still 01

Vast | Full movie

Furhat Robotics Launch Video 01

Furhat Robotics

Code One Still 01

Code One | Full movie

Heaven Above Holland

Heaven above Holland



My Foolish Heart Still 02

My Foolish Heart | scene

The Other Still 02

The Other

Vast Still 03

Vast | 3 scenes

Waiting For Marissa Still 02

Waiting For Marissa

Postcode Loterij

Postcode Loterij

Furhat Robotics Petra Promo 01

Furhat Robotics

Golden Calf

News Vast wins Golden Calf

Bmw I3 Spanisch

BMW i3 Spanish

T I M  Still 03

T.I.M. | Scene

Senseo 01

Senseo / Philips

Furhat Robotics Therapist Video Still01

Furhat Robotics