The Eagle and the Rabbit

This 19th cen­tu­ry peri­od piece tells the pecu­liar sto­ry of the Bona­parte Family. 

After crown­ing him­self emper­or of France, Napoleon needs a son to secure his blood­line. When his wife Josephine turns out to be infer­tile, Napoleon demands his younger broth­er Louis to mar­ry Josephine’s daugh­ter Hort­ense to pro­vide him his much desired heir. In return, Napoleon grants them the King­dom of Hol­land. While Napoleon’s bat­tles across Europe change the face of Europe, King Louis and Queen Hort­ense face their bat­tles for the ward­ship of their chil­dren, their love for each oth­er and ulti­mate­ly their self-determination.